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Here at Sassysigns, you can
design, view and create your own individual house signs online
to truly set your house apart from your neighbours. Use the fully interactive online sign creator to personalise your signs choosing from a variety of contemporary styles, fonts, colours, and background designs. We also provide office signs, house plaques, door signs, architectural signs, metal signs, building signs and commercial signs.
Metal House Signs Custom Metal House Signs

At Sassysigns, we design and manufacture any custom metal signs based on your requirements. Our metal signs are typically made out of (but not limited to) Aluminium Composite Sheets, Aluminium or Marine Grade Stainless Steel depending on the look and finish required. Aluminium Composite Sheets are less expensive and come in a vartiety of colours and finishes.

If you want a sign with a strong visual impact, we also manufacture signs using a combination of laser cut acrylic letterings (raised from the background) and a metal face plate. Please contact us at with a description of your signange requirements and email us photos of any preferred signage style you would like for an obligation free quote.


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Folded Alumabond Sign   Lasercut Letterbox Faceplate   Lasercut Letterbox Faceplate

Framed LED Illuminated Sign  Folded Alumabond Illuminated Sign  Stainless Steel Stencil Sign

Lasercut Stainless Steel Stencil Sign  Stainless Stencil with Alumabond Backing  Acrylic Lettering Aluminium Composite Sign   

Alumabond Stencil House Sign  Aluminium Composite  Aluminium Composite Sign        

Acrylic Lettering Aluminium Composite Sign  Stainless Steel Sign with Standoff Number  Aluminium Composite Sign

Acrylic Lettering Aluminium Composite Sign  Acrylic Lettering Aluminium Composite Sign  Framed LED Illuminated Sign

Stencil House Signs  Alumabond Stencil House Sign  Acrylic Lettering Aluminium Composite Sign

Stencil House Sign  Custom Stencil House Sign  Custom Stencil Development Sign (1.5m wide)

House Sign with Vinyl Lettering and Alumabond Back Plate  Acrylic and Aluminium Composite  Stainless Steel Sign