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Here at Sassysigns, you can
design, view and create your own individual house signs online
to truly set your house apart from your neighbours. Use the fully interactive online sign creator to personalise your signs choosing from a variety of contemporary styles, fonts, colours, and background designs. We also provide office signs, house plaques, door signs, architectural signs, metal signs, building signs and commercial signs.
LED Illuminated House Numbers and Address Signs
Illuminated Square Framed House Sign

LED Signs

At Sassysigns, signage is our business. We don’t just sell your average house sign, address signs and business signs. We also provide you with custom options so you can create your own unique sign. But we don’t just stop there.


We also use the latest sign technology and provide you with a range of customisable LED signs that you can choose from. So whether you are after indoor, outdoor, home or office LED signage, you really can’t overlook the wide selection of LED signs at Sassysigns.

Why choose an LED sign?

LED signs used LED lighting to provide illumination and visibility. As far as illuminated signs are concerned, these are fast becoming the rising stars.

Sassysign’s LED signs provide many features and benefits including:

·         Energy efficiency providing longer illumination

·         Provide durability and more resistant to shock and vibrations

·         Environmentally friendly as LED lights are non toxic and recyclable

·         Reduced UV emissions compared to other forms of lighting for illuminated signs

·         Requires low voltage compared to other non LED illuminated signs

·         Can also come with waterproof LEDs and transformers

We do LED signage

So for all of your LED signage needs, choose Sassysigns. You won’t be disappointed with our amazing range of LED illuminated signs that will captivate customers, family, guests and have complete strangers taking notice! So why not light up your home and work life with an LED sign from Sassysigns and make an impression that people will really remember!