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Here at Sassysigns, you can
design, view and create your own individual house signs online
to truly set your house apart from your neighbours. Use the fully interactive online sign creator to personalise your signs choosing from a variety of contemporary styles, fonts, colours, and background designs. We also provide office signs, house plaques, door signs, architectural signs, metal signs, building signs and commercial signs.
Letterboxes and Letterbox Faceplates Free Standing Letterboxes
Verve Letterbox
Metro Letterbox
Vogue Letterbox
Esprit Letterbox
Vivo Letterbox

Freestanding Letterboxes

A freestanding letterbox creates the right statement before someone even walks through your front door. Its visual impact automatically attracts passersby, guests, family and potential customers naturally leading them towards your home or business.

Sassysigns can make a freestanding letterbox that is personalised and looks like a beautiful functional sculptured piece enhancing the frontage of your home or business and adding more value to your property! Or if you just want to be different and set yourself apart from the other properties on the street, our letterboxes can help you do just that!

So don’t go for a characterless letterbox that leaves passersby bored and turning the other direction, choose a stylish and contemporary freestanding letterbox by Sassysigns and watch them lining up to take a closer look!

A letterbox to complement your house

Most people take great care selecting colours, furniture, window fittings, floor furnishings and other home décor that demonstrates their personality and character and forget details such as their letterbox.

A letterbox is at the gateway of your house and should represent you the way your entire home furnishings does. Sassysigns offers custom tailored letterboxes that will suit any theme, taste, style and frontage. Whether you want something sleek and streamlined to enhance the appearance of your modern home or up scaling the look of your business, you can’t go past a Sassysigns freestanding letterbox.

Sassysigns helps you get noticed

So why not let us help you attract the right attention with our beautiful and contemporary range of custom letterboxes? Browse through our assortment of letterboxes or if you don’t find one that you fancy, feel free to give us a call on 0413 984 777 or email us on and let us know what it is that you’re after!